Suicide Note
-Weight 1 kg
Avg. Price c.Missing data
The last words of a Holy Nation Sentinel before taking his own life:

"Last month I was given the order to put a tainted woman to the flame. She was the blacksmith's daughter, a simple mind, not right in the head. Nadin was her name. She'd mistakenly slipped out of her home without a male escort and approached a priest...

She was condemned for seduction of a holy brother, condemned as being possessed by the darkness... The look in her eyes as I put her to the flame burns into my soul every night, I haven't slept in weeks. Deep in my gut, I know this isn't right, and the guilt makes me retch. A god so unforgiving and so ruthless, it is not a god I want to serve. Rest in peace Nadin, I'll be joining you soon."

Suicide Note is a book item related to The Holy Nation. This item is 'unique' to Flotsam HQ in Flotsam Village. However, it can also be found without the 'unique' label in the inventories of Holy Citizens.

This letter was written by a Holy Sentinel. The crimes written about in this letter are similar to those referenced in Letter From A Freedom Fighter.

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