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A rough fabric favoured by the Holy Nation for its lack of comfort.
Stout Hessian Uniform.png
Slot: PANTS Type: Clothing

The Stout Hessian Uniform is a highly colourable piece of Clothing that is equipped in the Legwear slot. As it can be seen from image gallery the in-game coloration of this item is quite bland.

This armour has inventory dimensions of 4x4.



Always Equipped Potentially Equipped

Holy Lord Phoenix [M]
High Inquisitor Valtena [S] [M]
High Inquisitor Seta [S] [M]
Inquisitor [H] [S]
High Paladin [S] [H]
High Overseer [S] [H]
Holy Sentinel [S] [S]
Strayed Paladin [S] [S]
Paladin Guardian [S] [S]
Paladin [S] [S]
Holy Servant [S] [S]
Holy Citizen [S] [S]
Holy Chosen [S] [S]
High Servant [S] [S]
Goat Man [S] [S]
Ex-Servant [S] [S]
Escaped Servant [S] [S]

Skeleton Drifter [H] [S]

Skeleton MkII [H] [S]
Skeleton MkII Log Head [H] [S]
Riddly [H] [S]
Protector Of The Flame [H] [S]
Bounty Hunter shek [S] [H]
tech hunter shopkeeper [S] [H]
Slaver [S] [H]
Canyonlands Killer [S] [H]
Lagoon Patron [S] [H]
Slave Hunter Patron [S] [H]
Worlds end bar patron shek [S] [H]
Worlds end bar patron arrogant [S] [H]
Worlds end bar patron [S] [H]
Tech Hunter Ruins [S] [H]
Tech Hunter [S] [H]
Drifter [S] [H]
Ani [S] [H]
Hamut [S] [H]
Bounty Hunter Low [S] [S]
Slaver Caravan Guard [S] [S]
Slaver Caravan Boss [S] [S]
Slaver [S] [S]
Caravan Guard [S] [S]
Human Mercenary [S] [S]
Empire Bounty Hunter [S] [S]
Adventurer with skill [S] [S]
Adventurer [S] [S]

Shops Loot
The Great Library BlueprintsLargegreen.png
Clothing Shop BlueprintsLargegreen.png
Mapico-shop.png Holy Barracks