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Storm House
Storm House.png
Type: Building Shell
Materials cost:
Building Materials 16
Estimated build time: 3 hrs

Gives you a fair bit more space than that tiny shack you've been living in.

A storm house a relatively big and cheap building players can construct. It is slightly more expensive than the Small shack. The storm house requires the research Small House to build.

Old Storm House[]

In some towns such as The Hub, Old Storm Houses may be available for purchase. There is little difference between them, aside from a higher cost for the older buildings and their slightly worn look.

Lagoon Storm House[]

In the central south east, there are some instances of Storm Houses which have external metal beams. These can be found specifically in Flats Lagoon and Secret Drug Farm.

 Storm House Building Info[]

  • Building Condition - 16
  • Door Condition - 16
  • Door Lock - lvl15