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Stone Rat village is a village run by the Stone Rats faction within the Swamp and is home to leader of the Stone Rats, Big Al. It can be discovered by trudging through the swamp or by acquiring and reading the Map of the Swamps.

Stone Rat Village 3.png


  • Residential buildings x2
  • Hideout buildings x2
  • Traveler's Shop
  • Lookout towers x2
  • Makeshift gates x2
  • Riceweed farms x5
  • Hashish dealer

Stone Rat Village.png

Town Overrides[]

This location is affected by world states. And will go by the priority from Big Al -> Big Grim -> Shade depending on who is killed/imprisoned first.

If Big Al is killed or kidnapped while Big Grim is alive and free, it will cause the Stone Rat Village to be taken over by the Hounds.

If Big Grim (together with Big Al) is also dead or kidnapped while Shade is alive and free, then this location will be taken over by the Swamp Ninjas.

Stone Rat Village 4.png