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Manual Stone Processor
Manual Stone Processor.png
Type: Exterior
Materials cost:
Iron Plates 6
Estimated build time: 0 hrs

This machine can process raw stone and turn it into useful building materials. It doesn't need any power, but you need a lot of people to operate it.

Stone Processors are Industry Buildings which turn Raw Stone into Building Materials. The partially automated Stone Processors can be constructed after researching Powered Stone Refinery and upgraded with the Stone Refinery Upgrades. Stone Processors use and level up the Labouring stat of its workers, always requiring at least one worker to operate.

Hybrid Stone Mines remove the need for a separate Stone Processor and, eventually, of a manual labour requirement.

Stone Processor
Raw Stone
Raw Stone.png

(2 required)

Building Materials
Building Materials.png


Building Level Workers Building Cost Power Consumption Efficiency
Manual Stone Processor 3 6 x Iron Plate 0 40%
Stone Processor II 2 15 x Iron Plate 10 60%
Stone Processor III 1 30 x Iron Plate 15 80%
Stone Processor IV 1 30 x Iron Plate 
 5 x Electrical Components
20 100%
Stone Processor V 1 40 x Iron Plate 
 10 x Electrical Components
30 120%