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Another adventurer, eh? I'd say don't do it at all, yer not gonna come back, but I know you won't listen to that.

So here's my advice: Come prepared, build an outpost somewhere in the south but not too far south. Preferably off to the east, in The Pits.

Tinfist about survival

Stobe's Gamble is the home of the Anti-Slavers. Their town of Spring is located here. This Zone also includes numerous Ancient Locations, one being the home of the King Gorillo. Landbat swarms (18-30 adults) could be encountered here, as well as the Karate Drifter, a mysterious martial artist.

Players in need of Hemp (an item which can be difficult to find outside of The Swamp) should raid the Secret Drug Farm. Beware: some buildings in the Drug Farm may include Security Spiders.

Like Stobe's Garden, this zone is named after the legendary Stobe.


This zone does not spawn Nests or Camps.

Major Towns[]

Minor Outposts[]

These locations are typically small towns, villages, or faction bases.

Ancient Locations[]

These are places which do not have competent inhabitants. Ancient Locations are usually lost outposts or ruins. Beware: sometimes these locations contain territorial protectors such as Security Spiders.

Homeless Spawns[]

These are squads which spawn without being tied to a location, camp, or nest. This list is in order of likelihood.


Stobe's Gamble
These are the modifiers which are linked to this zone on FCS.
Water 60% Fertility 0%

Environment Resources
Arid 0% Stone 70
Green 0% Iron 100
Swamp 0% Copper 100

Before building an outpost, players should find information about specific areas through Prospecting.


This zone has the 'Volcano Zone' season. Seasons may cause harmful Weather Effects or be purely aesthetic.

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