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Stobe is a character in Kenshi lore. The two zones Stobe's Gamble and Stobe's Garden are named in honor of him. His remains can be found in Stobe's Garden, east of a Reaver Camp and west of Ark

The Skeleton Bandits often speak about Stobe.[1] They, along with most Skeletons[2], seem to acknowledge him as a deity. Though it is not known explicitly what he did to earn this respect, a few conclusions can be made:

  • Whatever Stobe did, it was enough to earn the respect of all Skeletons (at least the ones you can play as[2], and that acknowledge his existence).
  • He was a behemoth. Most Skeleton behemoths died in the massacre at Obedience or the war leading up to to it[3], but he seems to have survived—or, perhaps, he was the reason the massacre was deemed necessary.
  • If the Skeletons are to be believed, he is responsible for preserving Skeleton-kind[4], humanity, and most likely the Shek (before they 'devolved').

Stobe's death is mostly shrouded in mystery. We know that he saved life from extermination, likely sacrificing himself in the process. Stobe's 'Gamble', as a name, seems to imply it was the site where he met his demise, with the 'Garden' being where life went on. Not too far from where Stobe lay dead, you can find what appears to be a rocket or missile partially buried in the sand. Unlike most random space junk in the world, this world item seems deliberately placed. Perhaps this was the Ancients' contingency plan to end life on Kenshi following their collapse or abandonment of the island/planet, which Stobe sacrificed himself to stop. This would make more sense than a showdown where Stobe was 'killed' by an army or another Behemoth, as whatever killed him would then go on to kill the other races he tried to preserve. In the case of a rocket or missile, it would not go on to kill—even if Stobe dies in the process of stopping it.

There are clearly holes in this theory; but it seems the most plausible given the lack of additional information in-game and environmental storytelling surrounding Stobe and the area his husk inhabits.


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