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Stoat is a United Cities Town located in the south-west of The Great Desert region. The economy of this town relies on the supplies from both the Stone Camp and the Slave Farm. It is the last major town when heading east through the desert. It can be discovered by travelling or by acquiring and reading the Map of the United Cities (Central Territories).

At one of the corner of the town houses wind generators and a bunch of camp beds that are most likely slums for the homeless to sleep constructed by the government or peasants themselves.

Lord Inaba governs from the Noble House in this town.

The Slave Traders pacifier can be found in Stoat.

Building and Shops

Buildings for Sale

Town overrides

This location is affected by the deaths/imprisonment of Emperor Tengu, Lord Inaba, Slave Master Haga and Slave Mistress Ren.


Out of all Northern Major Towns of UC (excluding Brink), Stoat is the only town without any World States that can be achieved to let Empire Peasants takeover.