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Steam Trading Cards are trade-able content available to people who purchased Kenshi on Steam. They make use of concept art from Kenshi's development, depicting Skeletons, Bonedogs, Beak Things, Gorillos, and Hivers. Some images used in the trading cards are also in use as Loading Screens.

Users who collect all five cards can consume them to craft a badge, and in doing so earn XP, emoticons, profile backgrounds, and discount coupons for the Steam store. The badge can be crafted five times for the standard cards, each one after the first leveling the badge up, changing the icon slightly and proving more XP and other unlocks. In addition, users can craft one platinum badge using the rare foil variants of the cards. The platinum badge provides more XP, but is otherwise identical in effect to the normal ones.

All cards, emoticons, and backgrounds can be traded, bought, or sold on the Steam marketplace.

Card Art[]


Steam Backgrounds[]