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Stats window without a skill selected.

Character Statistics (henceforth abbreviated as stats) are a collection of numbers that define your character, modifying what your character can do and how effectively they can do it. These stats can be increased by completing actions that are affected by said stats. For example, weapons skills can be increased by engaging in combat with the specified weapon.

Statistics break down into seven main categories: Attributes, Weapon Skills, Combat Skills, Thievery Skills, Athletic Skills, Science Skills, and Trade Skills.

In the Stats window, players can view all the levels of their selected Player Character. By hovering over a specific skill, players can read descriptions about that skill as well as view how much experience their character has towards the next level in that skill.

Races, playable and commonly found
Experience Multipliers Human Shek Hive Skeleton
Greenlander Scorchlander Shek Hive Prince Hive Soldier Drone Hive Worker Drone P4 Unit Skeleton Soldierbot
Attributes Dexterity + -- ++ ++
Perception ++ -- ++
Strength - + -- --
Toughness ++ ++ ++ ++
Athletic Skills Athletics ++ -- ++ ++
Swimming None available
Combat Skills Dodge ++ -- -- -- --
Martial Arts --
Melee Attack ++ ++
Melee Defence None available
Science Skills Engineer -- ++ ++
Field Medic ++ -- ++ --
Robotics -- -- ++ ++
Science ++ -- ++ -- -- ++
Thievery Skills Assasiation None available
Lockpicking ++
Stealth ++ -- ++ ++ -- -- --
Thievery -- ++ ++ -- -- --
Trade Skills Armour Smith ++ -- ++
Cooking ++ -- -- --
Crossbow Smith None available
Labouring -- -- -- -- ++
Farming ++ -- -- ++
Weapon Smith ++ -- ++
Ranged Skills Crossbows None available
Turrets ++ ++
Weapons Skills Blunt None available
Hackers None available
Heavy Weapons ++
Katanas --
Polearms None available
Sabres None available


Attributes are the core stats of your character. They also have a direct effect on how efficient your character is in combat. There are currently 4 Attributes.

  • Strength - Determines the ability to use Weapons, and to carry more, without penalties. The minimum strength to use a weapon effectively is 40x the blunt damage value. Also increases blunt damage output.
  • Dexterity - Affects the speed of attacks, blocks, rate of fire, reload speed, and increases cutting damage output. It is also affected by Stronger Opponent Logic.
  • Toughness - Determines a character's damage resistance, wound deterioration speed, martial arts damage, and chance to resist stealth knock-outs. Also lowers the knock-out point (the level at which they fall unconscious), knock-out time (how long they stay unconscious when knocked-out), and raises the amount of damage required to stagger them. It also increases heal speed and decreases wound degeneration speed in the process.
  • Perception - Used to govern accuracy with ranged weapons. Especially important for hitting far away or moving targets.

Weapon skills

Weapons Skills are stats that govern how much damage you do with certain weapons. They can be increased by direct combat with a weapon. There are currently 7 Weapon Skills.


  • Katanas - Weapons that specialize in cutting damage. Very offensive, sacrificing defense for attack, with great attack speed.
  • Sabres - Weapons that specialize in a mix of cutting and blunt damage, but more in cutting. Granting defense bonus, often at the expense of attack, they compensate their lower speed than katanas by the ability to efficiently block until the smallest opening to attack.
  • Hackers - Weapons that specialize in a perfect mix of cutting and blunt damage. Well balanced between offense and defense. A bit slow, but with good damage.
  • Heavy Weapons - Weapons that specialize in a mix of blunt and cutting damage, but more so blunt. Really slow, but with a great reach and huge damage.
  • Blunt Weapons - Weapons that specialize in blunt damage, resulting in a non-lethal knockout. Good to put the enemy in bloodloss KO. Slower than blades but a strong character can wield them with a decent speed and high damage.
  • Polearms - Weapons that specialize in range and speed, making them very lethal against animals. Very unhandy indoors, but ideal for a hunter/huntress.


  • Turrets - Determines the ability for characters to use defensive weapon turrets (accuracy, aiming speed and reload speed).
  • Crossbows - Skill at shooting with crossbows (accuracy, aiming speed and reload speed).
  • Precision Shooting - The ability to avoid accidentally shooting your allies (and yes, it is increased by accidentally shooting your allies).

Combat Skills

Combat Skills are the skills that govern how effective your characters are in combat. Determining how successful your attacks, blocks, and dodges will be. There are 4 Combat Skills, all affected by Stronger Opponent Logic.

  • Melee Attack - Determines chance to successfully land a hit, and increases attack speed with weapons.
  • Melee Defense - Determines chance to block, and increases block speed.
  • Dodge - Determines chance of evade attacks in fight.
  • Martial Arts - Determines chance to successfully land a hit with your fists, learn better moves as skill increases. Also increases attack speed with fists.

Thievery Skills

Thievery Skills are the skills that govern all things related to stealth. From lockpicking to sneaking, and assassinating to disguising, there are 4 Thievery Skills:

  • Stealth - Determines your ability to remain undetected while sneaking, and the effectiveness of Disguises.
  • Lockpicking - Determines the chance and time required to pick locks depending on the lock's level.
  • Thievery - Determines the chance of successfully stealing items.
  • Assassination - Determines the chance of successfully knocking out someone while sneaking.

Athletic Skills

Athletic Skills are the skills that govern movement in the world, whether it be running or swimming. There are 2 Athletic Skills.

Science Skills

Science Skills are the skills that govern the more intellectual activities, such as First Aid, Robotics, and Prospecting. There are 4 Science Skills.

Trade Skills

Trade Skills are the skills that govern the crafting of various items, often for the purposes of making money via selling the products. There are 6 Trade Skills.


  • Certain Races have experience modifiers that can benefit or hamper the amount of experience earned for some skills.