You don't even know... what hunger does to you. What it feels like, what it drives you to... I don't want to fight you. But more than I don't want to fight, I want to live another day...

The Starving Bandits are a weak, hostile faction with very little organizational structure. They are found roaming primarily in and around Holy Nation lands.

This faction doesn't have any named characters, bases, or an overall faction leader.

Penniless and worthless, many low-lives gathered together to form large groups and take what they want. Whether blood or fortune, they will do whatever it takes to survive in the desolate badlands. Due to their fragile states, many are weak and untrained for combat, but they have strength in numbers.

The fact that many of them are bald suggest that many of them are escaped slaves.

Characters Edit

This faction has no Unique Characters.

Generic Characters Edit

Relations Edit

Faction Relations Edit

This faction has no special relations with any factions. Their default relation is -10.

Player Relations Edit

The reasons for this faction to have a non-zero relation towards you.

  • If the relations with the player are not hostile, they can be spoken to and given Cats to leave you alone. However, this is not the case 100% of time, as sometimes they simply attack on sight.

Locations Edit

Zones Edit

These regions of Kenshi can potentially have a squad of Starving Bandits spawn.

Towns Edit

The Starving Bandits do not control any locations.

Town Overrides Edit

There are no locations which can be controlled by this faction no matter what World States are reached.

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