Stack is a large town on the edge of The Holy Nation's territory. It has a decent variety of shops, and its proximity to the Western Hive and The Hub make it a good location for aspiring traders and thieves alike.

The surrounding areas often have Starving Bandits, Bonedogs, and Dust Bandits, all of which are relatively weak enemies, making this a decent training area for newer characters.

The Game Start "Holy Nation Citizen" can begin at this location, the other possible choice is in Bad Teeth. If you are not starting out in this town you can place it on your map after travelling here or by reading the Glorious Holy Map.

This is the place of residence of High Inquisitor Seta. Mother of Knife, a unique recruit's parent, supposedly lives here.

Buildings and Shops[edit | edit source]

Buildings for Sale[edit | edit source]

Town Overrides[edit | edit source]

Stack, on the brink of Holy Nation territory, can be affected by world states. Most danger comes from the Shek Kingdom.

Stack, Shek Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Killing or kidnapping High Inquisitor Seta results in this location being overtaken by the Shek Kingdom.

Stack, Kral's Chosen[edit | edit source]

If Esata the Stone Golem is also killed/kidnapped, this location will be overtaken by Kral's Chosen, assuming Flying Bull is alive and free.

Ruined Stack[edit | edit source]

If Seta, Esata, Flying Bull, and Holy Lord Phoenix have all been killed or kidnapped, this location will fall into ruins under the control of The Holy Nation.

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