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Squin is a Major Town in the Border Zone housed in a narrow canyon. It is controlled by the Shek Kingdom and is located directly east of their capital, Admag. Its location can be revealed by exploring or by reading the Map of the Shek Kingdom.

There are Iron Resources and Copper Resources that can be mined nearby. Also, Dust Bandits and Hungry Bandits roam the region and will harass unsuspecting wanderers.

The entire town is powered entirely by wind energy. With a lack of batteries in the city, power outages are to be expected fairly frequently as the wind speed naturally oscillates.

The Flotsam Ninjas pacifier can be found here.

Buildings and Shops[]

Buildings for Sale[]

World States[]

Mukai's Squin[]

If Esata the Stone Golem is killed/imprisoned while Mukai The Mountain is alive and free, Squin will have an override to include HQ with Mukai while still remaining under Shek Kingdom rule.

Kral's Chosen Squin[]

If Esata the Stone Golem and Mukai The Mountain are both killed/imprisoned while Flying Bull is alive and free, Kral's Chosen will take over Squin.

Berserkers Squin[]

If Esata the Stone Golem, Mukai The Mountain and Flying Bull are all killed/imprisoned, Berserkers will take over Squin.