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Square Goggles.png
Square Goggles
-Weight 1 kg
[Weather Protections]
-Duststorms 100%
-Value c.60
-Sell value c.15
[No Armour Coverage]
-Perception bonus +2
A simple eye protection for sandstorms, standard issue in the Traders Guild
Slot: HEAD

Square Goggles are clothing that fall under the Headgear category. They do not belong to any Armour Class and can be purchased at Headgear Shops. Square Goggles are common headgear for Caravan Guards.


Square Goggles are made up of two metal frames held in place by a fabric band.


Square Goggles

[Research Blueprint]

Tech Level 1
New Armour Type Square Goggles

The blueprint can be found at The Great Library in Black Scratch. Players can craft square goggles on a Leather Armour Crafting Bench.