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Everyone is welcome to contribute to the Kenshi Wiki. Please check out our guidelines and read our Editor Reference Guide in order to get acquainted with our wiki. Here are some of the best ways to contribute to the wiki:

  • Leave comments! - Tell us about your gameplay experiences or your opinion on pages.
  • Correct grammar - While writing pages, sometimes our admins overlook the small stuff. Correcting a missing letter or changing a word can really make a big difference.
  • Share screenshots! - Here at the Kenshi Wiki, we value screenshots of all graphics qualities. If your computer can handle playing at high resolution, sharing screenshots from your gameplay is a big help.
  • Update stats - Sometimes the devs change things without our noticing. If you're playing unmodded Kenshi and your game doesn't quite match the numbers on our pages, please click the edit button or comment to let us know!

To learn extra ways to help out visit the Things To Do section on the Community Page. If you're interested in trying out code with our templates, feel free to use the sandbox.

Welcome to the Kenshi Wiki and happy editing!

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If you have any requests for what you want featured on the Kenshi Wiki main page, message either Smile or Jelly on their message wall. The admins are also available on the Kenshi Community Discord in #🗒kenshi-wiki🗒.
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