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Smugglers Bar is an Outpost Bar belonging to the Grayflayers. It is located in Shem. Smugglers can be found in this location, as well as some of the randomly-named Unique Recruits and Generic Recruits.


This location is likely to spawn a Smuggler Caravan or a squad from the Mercenary Guild.

This location can spawn any of the following characters: Recruit, Adventurer Recruit, Fighter Recruit, Amateur Recruit, Bard, Ex-Slave Recruit, Outlaw Recruit, Tenacious Recruit, Recruit Seeking Revenge, Silvershade, Outlaw Medic, Engineer Recruit, Wall Man, Medic Recruit, Flotsam Ninja, Ninja, Sand Ninja, Dust Bandit, and Hungry Bandit.

Smugglers Bar is a location which buys illegal items. The vendor here has a refresh time of 24 hours and a fill total of 50. Like all bars, this shop does not close for night time.

The Smugglers Bar is a part of the Grayflayers faction, which means it is governed by the Swamper Trade Culture, despite not being in the swamp. This restricts the items which are available at this location.

Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Bloodrum c.1,328 Rare
Dried Fish.png
Dried Fish c.360 Common
Dried Meat.png
Dried Meat c.78 Common
Water c.25 Common
Water Jug.png
Water Jug c.30 Common