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Small Wind Generator
Small Wind Generator.png
Type: Exterior
Materials cost:
Electrical Components 4
Iron Plates 7
Estimated build time: 2 hrs

Small wind generators are better at generating a more consistent output in all winds, but have less power overall.

Small Wind Generator

A Small Wind Generator is a building which produces power via wind. After the initial cost of construction, Small Wind Generators generate power without any additional resource cost.

Small Wind Generators currently produce +0.25 power for every 1% of wind in the area, meaning a Small Wind Generator can generate up to a maximum of 25 power generated.

Unlike the Wind Generator, the Small Wind Generator has an arbitrary number as a minimum amount of a wind required (1.12 mph) and is able to produce power nearly 100% of the time. The drawback to its reliability is that it has half the potential power output of the Wind Generator and a mere quarter of the upgraded Wind Generator II. Also unlike the Wind Generator, the Small Wind Generator may be built on the roof of Player-Owned Buildings in Town, which might help if a town has a weak power grid, or the if player is planning to use a lot of power.


  • Power Output: +25
  • Efficiency: 100%