Small Thieves Backpack.png
Small Thieves Backpack
-Weight 1 kg
-Price c.3,000
-Sell Value c.1,500
-Encumbrance reduction 60%
-Combat skills bonus 0
-Athletics effect 1.00x
-Combat speed effect 1.00x
-Stealth skill effect 1.00x
-Dodge skill effect 1.00x
A bag used by professional thieves and ninjas. Well made and designed not to hinder your stealth while you fill it with other people's possessions.

The Small Thieves' Backpack is a small backpack that reduces encumbrance by 60% and does not hinder your stealth or combat abilities. It is a smaller version of the Thieves Backpack.

Small Thieves Backpacks have an inventory size of 4x4, making it slightly larger than a Small Backpack. When equipped in the BACKPACK slot, this backpack adds a backpack inventory with a size of 8x8.

It can be purchased from General Item Trader at World's End settlement for 3000 Cats.

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