Slaver Barracks is a barracks specifically found in slave farms and camps. This variant is part of the Slave Traders faction. Despite being called a 'Slaver Bar' in the game, it is not one, functioning more of a Barracks where slavers relax in town. There is a similarly named Slaver Bar that functions as a real bar.

 Possible Locations Edit

Depending on World States, there may be a Slaver Bar found in these locations:

Residents Edit

Housemates Edit

  • slaver town guard patrol x 1
    • Slaver Guard x 14
  • slave camp wardens w/ slaves x 6
Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Bread c.488 Common
Dried Meat
Dried Meat c.78 Common
Foodcube c.874 Common
Grog c.1,155 Common
Meatwrap c.658 Common
Water c.25 Common
Water Jug
Water Jug c.30 Common
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