Aside from speaking to characters in bars and specific outposts, the player is also able to recruit by buying or rescuing slaves.


A slave in her cage, ready to be bought.

Buying Slaves Edit

Mostly in UC territory, the player is able to purchase slaves from the slave store. The purchase is done in a similar way as buying animals from the Holy Nation farmers. However, unlike buying animals, there is a chance of the slave abandoning the player immediately after purchase, or after some time of travelling.


Menu when buying slaves.

Rescuing Slaves Edit

The player may attempt to rescue slaves by unlocking their cages and shackles. Once successful, the freed slave may follow the player for some time and then join or abandon the player after some distance. On the map these slaves will be displayed as a green dot similar to the player characters' blue dots.

Finding Escaped Slaves Edit

Rarely, slaves will escape without help from the player. Those escaped slaves can be discovered in the wilderness by the player. The escapee will talk to the player. If the player claims that they will not be turning the escapee in, they will join forces.