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Slave Farm South in The Hook is where characters are taken after they are enslaved by Slave Traders or Slave Hunters. Slaves can also be characters who break the law in Drifter's Last and are then given to the Slavers.

There is also another slave farm, it's called Slave Farm controlled by Slave Mistress Ren and located in Heng.

Slave Farm South is the home of Slave Mistress Grace.


Town Overrides[]

If Slave Mistress Grace is killed/imprisoned then Slave Farm South will fall to ruins, furthermore, if Slave Mistress Grace and Slave Market Master are both either killed/imprisoned, Slave Farm South will be taken over by Free Traders.


  • Don't get enslaved.
  • If you're being brought to the Slave Farm from Drifter's Last, the slavers will swim there. While in the water, they can't attack you for escaping. They will not chase you if you swim away from them.
  • The easiest way to escape from inside the Slave Farm is to wait until your character is being ordered to farm in one of the farms outside of the walls. Remove the "obedient slave" job and start running to the Waystation. Before this, you should already pick the lock on your shackles so that you can remove them while running away.