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A skeleton, I see... If you want to join us, the doctor can cure you of your skinless ways. You'll need to speak to Savant. Savant is the greatest master of science in all the land, he has shown us the way, the truth of the evil skeleton and how we can undergo the skinning transformation in human's purest form.

–Skin Bandit, if a Skeleton Player Character triggers dialogue

Skinhouse is a location controlled by the Skin Bandits. It includes 5 Skinhouses, each of which can contain between 8 and 12 Skin Bandit characters. These locations are likely to include Peeler Machines.

If Savant is killed or imprisoned, this location will be overtaken by the Southern Hive. If the Queen of the South is also killed/imprisoned, these locations will fall to ruins.


Items in relative order of likelihood.