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Skimsands acts like a buffer zone between the United Cities and the Holy Nation as both sides patrol the area. As its name suggests, is also the home to packs of Skimmers, making it harder for players to traverse the area. It's also the location of a prison, Tengu's Vault, which houses a group of Unique Recruits.



There are no Major Towns or Ancient Locations in Skimsands. This zone does not spawn Camps.

Minor Outposts

These locations are typically small towns, villages, or faction bases.


Nests are temporary locations which can spawn randomly and typically belong to Animals.

Homeless Spawns

These are squads which spawn without being tied to a location, camp, or nest. This list is in order of likelihood.

These squads can potentially spawn in this zone if certain World States have been reached


These are the modifiers which are linked to this zone on FCS.
Water Unknown Fertility Unknown

Environment Resources
Arid Unknown Stone Unknown
Green Unknown Iron Unknown
Swamp Unknown Copper Unknown

Before building an outpost, players should find information about specific areas through Prospecting.


This zone has the 'great desert small' season. Seasons may cause harmful Weather Effects or be purely aesthetic.

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  • Due to high numbers of Skimmers roaming the area, players need to exercise caution when traversing the Skimsands, especially the weaker player characters. Skimmers tend to move and attack in packs, and is not uncommon travelers to be attacked by more than one group of Skimmers.
  • The Skimsands has none, if very little natural resources for players to exploit and is thus unsuitable for constructing a self-sustaining outpost. The constant presence of Skimmer packs in the area makes the Skimsands even more dangerous for would-be settlers.


  • Skimsands contains a lot of Behemoth bodies.