Skeleton Repair Bed
Skeleton Repair Bed
Type: Interior
Materials cost:
Copper 2
Electrical Components 5
Iron Plates 4
Estimated build time: 2 hrs

As skeletons get constantly damaged and repaired their bodies start to wear down. When this wear becomes too much it can be repaired at a repair bed.

As Skeletons get constantly damaged and repaired, their bodies start to wear down. When this wear becomes too much, it can be repaired at a Skeleton Repair Bed.

This wear also occurs on skeleton limbs worn by non-skeleton characters and can be repaired by a repair bed. These beds can also patch up non-skeleton characters in the same way bandages do.

Skeleton Repair Beds

Research Level 3
Estimated Time 3 hours
Prerequisites -
Costs Engineering Research x2
New Buildings Skeleton Repair Bed

Skeleton Repair Beds For Rent Edit

Place Region Price # of Beds
Burn's Tower Floodlands free 1
Tower of Abuse Venge free 2 The location has to be emptied of its hostile residents first.
Black Desert City Deadlands 200 6 Skeleton Bar has 5 beds for 200c.

Robotics Shop has 1 bed for 2000c.

Shark The Swamp 200 1 In the Dancing Skeleton bar.
World's End Arm of Okran 800 2
Strange Town Flats Lagoon 800
Hive Village 800 Most hive colonies on the western side of the map have beds.
Mongrel Fog Islands 1600 3 Tech Workshop (snailhouse) has 2 beds for 1600c.

Robotics Workshop (small shack) has 1 bed for 3000c.

Heft The Great Desert 2000
Heng Heng 2000
Black Scratch The Outlands 2000
Waystation Border Zone 2000 1 Robotics Workshop (small shack)
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