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The P4 Unit MkII is a subrace variant of Skeleton. A supposedly 'improved' variant of the P4 Units, this race is used for the most dangerous and high leveled characters in Kenshi: General Hat-12, General Jang, the Head of Agriculture, Cat-Lon, and Ponk. Mark II units are more delicate models with only 150 HP in their body parts, while most other skeleton models are more durable. They also have different skill learning capability when compared to the standard P4 Unit, most notably replacing most of the crafting related skills to combat skills.

Characters of this race have the body of a Skeleton No-Head MkII and the head of a P4 Unit.

There are no Playable Characters available which belong to this race.

Health Statistics

  • Max Speed: 25 mph
  • Min Speed: 16 mph
  • Hunger rate: 0
  • Vision Range: 1
  • Combat move speed multiplier: 0.9

Health Stats

  • Blood (Oil): 100
  • Bleed rate: 0.2
  • Heal rate: 3


Body Part Total Health Chance of Hitting Severed Limbs
Head 150 80
Chest 150 140
Stomach 150 140
Right Arm 150 60
Left Arm 150 80
Right Leg 150 80
Left Leg 150 80

Weather Immunity

Characters of this race are immune to all types of Weather Effects.

Equipment Slots

Characters of this race can wear any type of equipment in these slots.

Characters of this race cannot wear any equipment in these slots.

Experience Multipliers

All playable races have a distinct set of Statistics which they can gain experience at an increased or decreased rate. Players should pay attention to these experience multipliers and use them to their advantage.

Increased Rate

Characters of this race gain experience in these Statistics at a slightly faster rate than normal. This increased rate is +20% unless otherwise noted.

Decreased Rate

Characters of this race gain experience in these Statistics at a slightly slower rate than normal. This decreased rate is -20% unless otherwise noted.


Game Starts

Players cannot choose to start as a member of this race in any Game Starts.

Unique Recruits

There are no Unique Recruits which can spawn as a member of this race.


These Factions have characters which can spawn as members of this race.


  • Similar to the Mark I P4 Units, Mark IIs take up high-ranking command roles, while built more frail than the average skeleton. They were clearly destined for command far away from danger. Due to the surviving Mark II members roster, many in the community speculate that the Mark II line was a product of the Second Empire's development of P4 Mark I. This is however unconfirmed in-game.