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I had to thrall them all! Traitors siding with the humans! Treason!

Mad Cat-Lon


Skeleton No-Head MkII, or Thralls, are a Race in Kenshi. They are a subrace of Skeleton. There are no Playable Characters which are of this race. Most Thralls are not able to speak intelligibly.

Compared to Skeleton Log-Head MkII which is a headed version, they have only half of vision range of 1 instead of 2, as well as less bleeding rate of 0.2 instead of 0.4. And they have bonus of melee-related combat skills of Blunt Weapons, Heavy Weapons and Melee Attack rather than range-related skills such as: Crossbows, Perception and Precision Shooting.

As thralls do not have a head, they do not have the normal critical weak-point of other skeletons. They do however, have the lowest health out of all skeletons.

Health Statistics[]

  • Max Speed: 25 mph
  • Min Speed: 16 mph
  • Hunger rate: 0
  • Vision Range: 1
  • Combat move speed multi: 0.9

Health Stats[]

  • Blood (Oil): 100
  • Bleed rate: 0.2
  • Heal rate: 3


Body Part Total Health Chance of Hitting Severed Limbs
Chest 120 140
Stomach 120 140
Right Arm 120 60
Left Arm 120 80
Right Leg 120 20
Left Leg 120 20

Weather Immunity[]

Characters of this race are immune to all types of Weather Effects.

Equipment Slots[]

Characters of this race can wear any type of equipment in these slots.

Characters of this race cannot wear any equipment in these slots.

Experience Multipliers[]

All playable races have a distinct set of Statistics which they can gain experience at an increased or decreased rate. Players should pay attention to these experience multipliers and use them to their advantage.

Increased Rate[]

Characters of this race gain experience in these Statistics at a slightly faster rate than normal. This increased rate is +20% unless otherwise noted.

Decreased Rate[]

Characters of this race gain experience in these Statistics at a slightly slower rate than normal. This decreased rate is -20% unless otherwise noted.


Game Starts[]

Players cannot choose to start as a member of this race in any Game Starts.

Unique Recruits[]

There are no Unique Recruits which can spawn as a member of this race.


These Factions have characters which can spawn as members of this race.


It is highly implied from several sources including dialogue with Cat-Lon that thralls are either jury-rigged or lobotomised skeletons. The former theory can be gathered from the skeleton shredders within the tower of abuse and the latter can be gleamed from Cat-Lon's speech before initiating combat.


  • In real life, the word Thrall is a Scandinavian word for "slave or serf" during the Viking Age. Today, to enthrall means to captivate but archaically it means to capture as a slave.
  • The missing Head counts as an Injury, giving around ~50% penalty to all crafting tasks.
  • While most of Skeletons possess the sturdy 200 HP body model, Thralls are among the few models that have 120HPs. Since all of the Thralls use the 120 HP model and very few other models that use the 150HP model body, it can be assumed that the weaker, perhaps service-oriented or creative-minded, skeleton models where enthralled en-masse by their stronger 200HP cousins after the fall of the ancient empires.