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Skeleton Limb Bench
Skeleton Limb Bench.png
Type: Interior
Materials cost:
Electrical Components 10
Iron Plates 5
Estimated build time: 3 hrs

Assemble replacement limbs.
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​The Skeleton Limb Bench is a crafting Building. This crafting station allows players to craft Robot Limbs to replace any lost appendages. It is unlocked with the Hiver Skeleton Legs research.

Skeleton Limb Bench
Electrical Components

Electrical Components.png

(holds 5)

Robotics Components

Robotics Components.png

(holds 5)


  • Power Consumption - 10
  • Efficiency - 100%
  • Produces - Robot Limbs
  • Requires - Electrical Components, Iron Plate, Steel Bar, Robotic Component
  • Workers - 1

 Skill Levels

The quality outcome for any crafted limbs is based on crafter's robotics level.

Just like armour and weapon smithing, it is possible to crit a higher grade level. At the moment, the critical chance can't be seen in queue window but it has been observed a crafter with 80+ on robotics having a masterwork quality as an outcome.

Skeleton Limb Grades by Level
Quality Level Range
Prototype 0
Shoddy 20
Standard 40
High 60
Specialist 80


The Skeleton Limb Bench was introduced in version 0.98.4X.