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The Skeletons are a complete mystery, nobody knows where they came from and how they were made but they are suspected to be thousands of years old. Fully sentient and capable of feeling sadness, anger, excitement, compassion, thrill and enjoyment, although they don't posess the ability to express anything visually. This combined with their dry sense of humour often confuses the other races, whom the Skeletons see as somewhat volatile and unpredictable. They have no prejudice or fear of death, and make for brutally effective warriors.

–Game Description


Skeleton is a Race in Kenshi. It is a subrace of Skeleton and the primary race for Skeleton Playable Characters.

Skeletons do not need to eat, making these characters great for Outpost defense. Skeletons also do not need to use the Swimming statistic, meaning they can travel quickly through water.

Basic skeletons only possess double the base healing rate compared to the triple healing rate of all other skeleton sub-races. Additionally, they have a slightly lower chance of being hit in the Stomach relative to their other body parts.

Health Statistics

  • Max Speed: 25 mph
  • Min Speed: 16 mph
  • Hunger rate: 0
  • Vision Range: 1.25
  • Combat move speed multi: 0.9

Health Stats

  • Blood (Oil): 100
  • Bleed rate: 0.1
  • Heal rate: 2


Body Part Total Health Chance of Hitting Severed Limbs
Head 200 80
Chest 200 140
Stomach 200 80
Right Arm 200 60
Left Arm 200 80
Right Leg 200 80
Left Leg 200 80

Weather Immunity

Characters of this race are immune to all types of Weather Effects.

Equipment Slots

Characters of this race can wear any type of equipment in these slots.

Characters of this race cannot wear any equipment in these slots.

Experience Multipliers

All playable races have a distinct set of Statistics which they can gain experience at an increased or decreased rate. Players should pay attention to these experience multipliers and use them to their advantage.

Increased Rate

Characters of this race gain experience in these Statistics at a slightly faster rate than normal. This increased rate is +20% unless otherwise noted.

Decreased Rate

Characters of this race gain experience in these Statistics at a slightly slower rate than normal. This decreased rate is -20% unless otherwise noted.


Game Starts

Players can choose to start as a member of this race if this Game Start is chosen.

  • Wanderer

Unique Recruits

These Unique Recruits can spawn as a member of this race.


These Factions have characters which can spawn as members of this race.


  • The Holy Nation has a racial distrust for the Skeletons due to their religious beliefs and will attack Skeletons on sight.
  • The "Skeleton (Race)" is somewhat a misnomer as it refers to a subrace of Skeletons, a sentient race that contains many other different mechanic subraces, including the one that is the subject of this article. While it is the "default" skeleton race from the player's point of view, it deserves a name of its own within lore to avoid confusion with the others.
  • Interestingly, this particular subrace of Skeleton's head-type is the only one not found on any of the MkII/MKII variant of Skeletons.