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Sho-Battai is a Major Town located in the middle of The Great Desert region. This town is presided over by the noble Lord Nagata. Its economy relies solely on the supplies from Port North.

At the 'backyard' of this town, a unique Sho-Battai-variant Headgear Shop can be found, alongside 2 power stations and several camp beds. The latter are most likely slums for the homeless to sleep constructed by the government or peasants themselves.

This town is noteworthy for both the only Headgear shop in the entire UC, and a Thieves Guild where the player could buy some sneaky equipments.

Some unique companions who spawn in this town are Riddly, Jewel and Izumi which can be often found in one of the bars or the bakery.

There is always at least one squad of United Heroes League members set to spawn here, and may harass your non-human squad if seen by them.

You can start the game in Sho-Battai with the "Empire Citizen" game start. The "Rock Bottom" game start has you spawning in the desert east of the city.

It can be discovered by travelling near or by acquiring and reading the Map of the United Cities (Central Territories) or Map of the United Cities (Extended Territories).

Sho-Battai is subject to change under world states, meaning that player owned buildings in town are vulnerable to be overwritten.

Buildings and Shops[]

Buildings for Sale[]

Town Overrides[]

Malnourished Sho-Battai[]

Sho-Battai will become malnourished if Lady Kana is killed or imprisoned while still under UC rule.

Half-Destroyed and in civil war Sho-Battai[]

If Lord Nagata is captured or killed, but Emperor Tengu is alive and well (or vice versa), squads of Peasant Farmers will spawn and fight with the Samurai. The barracks and a few other buildings will be destroyed.

Rebel Occupation[]

If Nagata AND Tengu are both dead or kidnapped, while Boss Simion is alive and free, Empire Peasants will establish control of the city and the inhabitants will be malnourished. The gate will be guarded by high level Rebel Swordsmen, and shops ran by free traders will open.

Cannibal Occupation[]

If Lord Nagata, Emperor Tengu and Boss Simion are all either killed or imprisoned, Cannibals will take control of Sho-Battai.


  • Sho-Battai is the only town that can be found in both extended and central territory maps of UC.