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The Shinobi Thieves act as fences and smugglers in the world of Kenshi. They are usually found in bars or residing inside Thief watchtowers within various cities.

You can pay 10,000 cats to join their organization by talking to a Thief Boss standing outside of one of their watchtowers. Joining gives you access to their towers, Assassination Dummies, Locksmith Training Boxes, Beds, Shinobi Traders. Guild Plastic Surgeons, and Wandering Assassins will heal you when nearby. Thieves and Ninja Guards will also aid you in combat.



Bar Squad[]


Joining the Thieves[]

Talk to the Thief Boss standing near or inside of a Thieves Tower (such as the one available in The Hub) and pay him 10,000 cats. No other job or quest is required aside from gathering cats to pay the initial fee. The Shinobi Thieves faction does not discriminate on race, gender, or skill level.



These regions of Kenshi can potentially have a Wandering Assassin roaming along paths.

Major Towns[]

These towns contain a Thieves Tower.


These factions control towns that might have a Thief Group bar squad.


  • When you have stolen items that have a low chance to fence, go to shinobi trader, sell your items, buy them back and sell them to local dealer for higher price. (items will not be considered stolen anymore)
  • Can also buy half off items offered by shinobi trader and sell for higher price at local store


  • "Shinobi" means male ninja and "Kunoichi" means female ninja