A warrior society that values strength and hardiness above more intellectual pursuits. They are sometimes a little humourless and have a reputation as dumb brutes, but this is not always the case. Their external skeletal plates provide a natural armour but hinders more dexterous pursuits like sneaking around.

–Game Description

Shek is a Race in Kenshi. It is the only race which does not have a related subrace.

Shek eat significantly more than all other races. Players should consider whether they can afford the cost to feed a shek before recruiting one.

Experience Multipliers

All playable races have a distinct set of Statistics which they can gain experience at an increased or decreased rate. Players should pay attention to these experience multipliers and use them to their advantage.

Increased Rate

Characters of this race gain experience in these Statistics at a slightly faster rate than normal. This increased rate is +20% unless otherwise noted.

Decreased Rate

Characters of this race gain experience in these Statistics at a slightly slower rate than normal. This decreased rate is -20% unless otherwise noted.


Game Starts

Players can choose to start as a member of this race if this Game Start is chosen.

Unique Recruits

These Unique Recruits can spawn as a member of this race.


These Factions have characters which can spawn as members of this race.


  • The Holy Nation has a racial distrust for the Shek due to their religious beliefs and will attack Sheks that are approaching their cities without a human posing as "their master". They may also attack and "punish" sheks if getting too close to their patrolling squads outside of cities.
  • They Swim 50% slower at the same level as humans
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