Shark Travel Shop is a vendor specifically found in Shark.

Residents Edit

If the Hounds lose control of Shark, the Hound character who guards this shop is replaced by a second Swamper Non-Gang.

Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Advanced First Aid Kit
Advanced First Aid Kit c.265 Uncommon
Authentic Skeleton Repair Kit
Authentic Skeleton Repair Kit c.1,865 Rare
Basic First Aid Kit
Basic First Aid Kit c.76 Common
Skeleton Repair Kit
Skeleton Repair Kit c.4,341 Uncommon
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag c.605 Uncommon
Splint Kit
Splint Kit c.212 Uncommon
Standard First Aid Kit
Standard First Aid Kit c.147 Common
Tools c.240 Uncommon

Backpack Average Price Chance
Bull Backpack
Bull Backpack c.2,000 Rare
Garru Backpack
Garru Backpack c.2,000 Rare
Scavenger's Basket
Scavenger's Basket c.250 Common
Trader's Wooden Backpack
Trader's Wooden Backpack c.800 Uncommon
Wooden Backpack
Wooden Backpack c.800 Uncommon

Armour Average Price Chance
Bandana Common
Black Bandana
Black Bandana Common
Halfpants (padded)
Halfpants (padded) Common
Halfpants (reinforced)
Halfpants (reinforced) Common
Leather Shirt
Leather Shirt Common
Leather Turtleneck
Leather Turtleneck Common
Leather Vest
Leather Vest Common
Longcoat Common
Ninja Mask
Ninja Mask Common
Ninja Rags
Ninja Rags Common
Red Bandana
Red Bandana Common
Sleeveless Longcoat
Sleeveless Longcoat Common
Swamp Ninja Mask
Swamp Ninja Mask Common
Swamp Ninja Rags
Swamp Ninja Rags Common
Tricorn Hat
Tricorn Hat Common

Clothing Average Price Chance
Cap c.Missing data Common
Cloth Shirt
Cloth Shirt c.225 Common
Ninja Gi
Ninja Gi c.Missing data Common
Square Goggles
Square Goggles c.Missing data Common
Wool Hat
Wool Hat c.Missing data Common
Worn-out Shorts
Worn-out Shorts c.20 Common


  • Camp Shelter
  • Mercenary Tent
  • Scrap Tent


  • Map of the Shek Kingdom
  • Map of the Swamps
  • Map of the United Cities (Extended Territories)
  • Map of Vain
  • Map to Mongrel
  • Map to World's End

Armour Blueprints

  • Tricorn Hat
  • Square Goggles
  • Longcoat
  • Sleeveless Longcoat
  • Trader's Leathers
  • Basket Hat
  • Straw Hat
  • Leather Shirt
  • Leather Turtleneck
  • Leather Vest
  • Bandana
  • Black Bandana
  • Red Bandana
  • Swamp Ninja Mask
  • Swamp Ninja Rags
  • Ninja Mask
  • Ninja Pants
  • Ninja Rags
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