Shark Smithy is a vendor specifically found in Shark.

Residents Edit

This location has a Gear Artifacts value of 25,000 Cats, meaning it will spawn additional items through the Artifacts system.

Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Armour Plating
Armour Plating c.504 Common
Bolts Heavies
Bolts Heavies c.272 Rare
Bolts Regulars
Bolts Regulars c.243 Rare
Bolts Toothpicks
Bolts Toothpicks c.243 Common

Armour Grades Chance
Armoured Face Plates
Armoured Face Plates Common
Armoured Hood
Armoured Hood Common
Cargopants (sneaky chain)
Cargopants (sneaky chain) Common
Iron Hat
Iron Hat Common
Leather Hive Vest
Leather Hive Vest Common
Masked Helmet
Masked Helmet Common
Mercenary Leather Armour
Mercenary Leather Armour Common
Mercenary Plate
Mercenary Plate Common
Ninja Mask
Ninja Mask Common
Plated Drifter's Leather Pants
Plated Drifter's Leather Pants Common
Plated Longboots
Plated Longboots Common
Plate Jacket
Plate Jacket Common
Police Helmet
Police Helmet Common
Rusted Hive Shirt
Rusted Hive Shirt Common
Rusty Chain Shirt
Rusty Chain Shirt Common
Rusty Chainmail
Rusty Chainmail Common
Rusty Chainmail Tagelmust
Rusty Chainmail Tagelmust Common
Tin Can
Tin Can Common

Crossbow Grades Chance
Junkbow Common
Ranger Rare
Spring Bat
Spring Bat Uncommon
Tooth Pick
Tooth Pick Common

Weapon Manufacturer Chance
Desert Sabre
Desert Sabre Uncommon
Guardless Katana
Guardless Katana Uncommon
Holed Sabre
Holed Sabre Common
Horse Chopper
Horse Chopper Common
Mercenary Club
Mercenary Club Uncommon
Ninja Blade
Ninja Blade Common
Ringed Sabre
Ringed Sabre Common
Spiked Club
Spiked Club Uncommon
Staff Common
Weapon Blueprints
  • Ninja Blades
  • Desert Sabres
  • Holed Sabres
  • Ringed Sabres
  • Sabres
Armour Blueprints
  • Armoured Face Plates
  • Armoured Hood
  • Armoured Rag Skirt
  • Armoured Rags
  • Mercenary Leather Armour
  • Iron Hat
  • Masked Helmet
  • Plate Jacket
  • Unholy Chest Plate
  • Ninja Gi
  • Ninja Mask
  • Ninja Pants
  • Ninja Rags
  • Swamp Ninja Mask
  • Swamp Ninja Rags
  • Mercenary Plate
  • Assassin's Rags
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