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Shark is a city run by outlaws, ex- slaves, gangs, assassins, criminals and anyone else just trying to make a living. It is located in the center of the Swamp and serves as the center of trade within the marshy land.

The city is under the guise of being run by the Swampers, but you quickly learn the Hounds set up base here and actually call the shots. In the town you can gamble in a "bar" run by one of the gangs, the Blackshifters, or trade and gather information in the Dancing Skeleton. There's various merchants that deal anything from weapons to hashish and many residential buildings for sale to call home.

Don't get too comfortable though. There's always something going down from Blood Spider attacks, to drunk Bar Thugs, and Red Sabre and Swamp Ninja assaults.

The Holy Nation pacifier can be found here.

Buildings and Shops[]

Buildings for Sale[]

  • Swamp House x2 (For Sale: c16,000)
  • Swamp Shack x3 (For Sale: c4,000)
  • Swamp Store x2 (For Sale: c6,400)


  • There used to be a city called Shark in the Alpha version of the game.
  • A city run by a number of street gangs, similar to Shark, is found in Fallout 2 (New Reno) and Fallout New Vegas (Vegas) and might have been inspired by them.