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56154-rebirth.mod The Scraphouse is a weapons/merchant shop located in an ancient factory, just to the east of Black Desert City in the Deadlands, be aware of the Acid Rain surrounding the place. It can be marked on a player's map by reading the Old Treasure Map, indicating that the bulk of the shop's stock may have come from an ancient stash of valuable items.

The shopkeeper at this location is Quin, who is often talking with their partner Dack.

The shop is guarded by 8 Soldierbot Guards and 5 Security Spider II.

The Merchant offers a variety of mid to endgame goods which may include:

Although it's possible to steal those things from the merchant, Dack and many of the guards patrol around the crates make it very difficult to get away with a meaningful haul. A very high level character on thievery and lock-picking is recommended. Many of the general storage containers (including barrels, which are never locked) can be reached from specific corners. These will only work if they are either completely safe (e.g. from the outside of the walls, specific corners) or mostly safe with a high enough stealth level. You can also use complete darkness (some other corners where the guards' view is obstructed) to your advantage. Note that the security spiders can spot stealthy characters very quickly, In certain spots the guards' strict patrol patterns can make it difficult for them to sustain eye contact with a suspected thief long enough to trigger an alarm.

Total item count: 200

Refresh time: 48 hours

This location has a gear artifacts value of 300,000 Cats and an item artifacts value of 50,000 Cats, meaning it will spawn additional items through the Artifacts system. Additionally There will be 3 AI cores, 3 engineering research, 13 ancient science books for sale. However they do not refresh.

Possible Stock

Crossbow Grades Chance
Eagle's Cross
Eagle's Cross Common
Oldworld Bow MkI
Oldworld Bow MkI Common
Oldworld Bow MkII
Oldworld Bow MkII Common
Ranger Common

Item Average Price Chance
Book c.300 Common
Copper Alloy Plates
Copper Alloy Plates c.608 Common
CPU Unit
CPU Unit c.6,000 Common
Crossbow Parts
Crossbow Parts c.408 Uncommon
Damaged Book
Damaged Book c.6 Common
Electrical Components
Electrical Components c.216 Common
Fuel c.192 Common
Gears c.162 Common
Generator Core
Generator Core c.2,755 Common
Hacksaw c.72 Common
Hinge c.81 Common
Iron Plates
Iron Plates c.135 Common
Motor c.421 Common
Power Core
Power Core c.3,000 Common
Press c.324 Uncommon
Robotics Components
Robotics Components c.2,838 Common
Skeleton Repair Kit
Skeleton Repair Kit c.4,341 Common
Spring Steel
Spring Steel c.259 Uncommon
Steel Bars
Steel Bars c.648 Common
Tools c.240 Common

Weapon Manufacturer Chance
Combat Cleaver
Combat Cleaver Common
Desert Sabre
Desert Sabre Common
Falling Sun
Falling Sun Common
Flesh Cleaver
Flesh Cleaver Common
Foreign Sabre
Foreign Sabre Common
Fragment Axe
Fragment Axe Common
Guardless Katana
Guardless Katana Common
Heavy Jitte
Heavy Jitte Common
Heavy Polearm
Heavy Polearm Common
Holed Sabre
Holed Sabre Common
Horse Chopper
Horse Chopper Common
Jitte Common
Katana Common
Long Cleaver
Long Cleaver Common
Longsword Common
Mercenary Club
Mercenary Club Common
Moon Cleaver
Moon Cleaver Common
Naginata Common
Naginata Katana
Naginata Katana Common
Ninja Blade
Ninja Blade Common
Nodachi Common
Paladin's Cross
Paladin's Cross Common
Plank Common
Polearm Common
Ringed Sabre
Ringed Sabre Common
Spiked Club
Spiked Club Common
Staff Common
Wakizashi Common