The leg of a rebel scout unit.

The design has been kept lightweight at the cost of durability, but is capable of impressive speed.

Scout Leg (right).png

Scout Leg (right) is a Robot Limb, and a replacement for a lost right leg.

It's noteworthy that out of all Robotic Limbs, Scout Legs have the least penalty for Swimming skill.

Stats [edit | edit source]

Scout Leg (right) (1.0.40)
[Standard Grade]
-Max HP 90

-Stealth -47%
-Athletics +15%
-Swimming -14%
-Weight 10 kg
-Value c.6,560
-Sell Value c.3,280
Scout Leg (right) (0.98.44)
[High Grade]
-Max HP 110

-Stealth -33%
-Athletics +24%
-Swimming -10%
-Weight 10 kg
-Value c.9,760
-Sell Value c.4,880
Scout Leg (right)
[Specialist Grade]
-Max HP 130

-Stealth -19%
-Athletics +31%
-Swimming -5%
-Weight 10 kg
-Value c.14,239
-Sell Value c.7,119
Scout Leg (right)
[Masterwork Grade]
-Max HP 145

-Stealth -8%
-Athletics +38%
-Swimming -1%
-Weight 10 kg
-Value c.18,440
-Sell Value c.9,220

Source[edit | edit source]

Shops[edit | edit source]

This limb can also be found as loot via the Artifacts system.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Skeleton Limb Bench
Robotics Components
Robotics Components.png

(4 required)

Scout Leg (right)
Scout Leg (right).png
Electrical Components
Electrical Components.png

(10 required)

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