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Ronin Armor Shop is an Armour Shop of the Tech Hunters and Flotsam Ninjas.

Possible Locations[]

Depending on certain World States, this vendor might spawn in these locations:


Possible Stock

Armour Grades Chance
Armoured Face Plates.png
Armoured Face Plates Common
Armoured Hood.png
Armoured Hood Common
Armoured Rag Skirt.png
Armoured Rag Skirt Common
Armoured Rags.png
Armoured Rags Common
Black Plate Jacket.png
Black Plate Jacket Rare
Blackened Chainmail Tagelmust.png
Blackened Chainmail Tagelmust Uncommon
Drifters Leather Jacket.png
Drifters Leather Jacket Common
Drifters Leather Pants.png
Drifters Leather Pants Common
Heart Protector.png
Heart Protector Rare
Leather Shirt.png
Leather Shirt Common
Leather Vest.png
Leather Vest Rare
Mercenary Leather Armour.png
Mercenary Leather Armour Common
Mercenary Plate.png
Mercenary Plate Common
Plate Jacket.png
Plate Jacket Common
Plated Drifter's Leather Pants.png
Plated Drifter's Leather Pants Common
Plated Longboots.png
Plated Longboots Common
Rusty Chainmail Tagelmust.png
Rusty Chainmail Tagelmust Rare
Samurai Armour.png
Samurai Armour Common
Samurai Boots.png
Samurai Boots Rare
Samurai Clothpants.png
Samurai Clothpants Common
Samurai Legplates.png
Samurai Legplates Rare
Unholy Chest Plate.png
Unholy Chest Plate Rare
White Plate Jacket.png
White Plate Jacket Rare

Items Average Price Chance
Authentic Skeleton Repair Kit.png
Authentic Skeleton Repair Kit c.1,865 Common
Skeleton Repair Kit.png
Skeleton Repair Kit c.4,341 Uncommon


  • Armoured Face Plates
  • Armoured Hood
  • Armoured Rag Skirt
  • Armoured Rags
  • Black Plate Jacket
  • Drifter's Leather Boots
  • Drifter's Leather Jacket
  • Drifter's Leather Pants
  • Mercenary Leather Armour
  • Mercenary Plate
  • Plated Drifter's Leather Pants
  • Plate Jacket
  • Rusty Chainmail Tagelmust
  • Samurai Clothpants
  • Unholy Chest Plate
  • White Plate Jacket