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If a limb is hit with a sharp weapon and it has less than -100 health then it will be severed. This is a permanent loss, you will have to find a robotic replacement.

Skeleton Arm (right).png

Robot Limbs are replacements for missing limbs. They come in many variants and give bonuses and penalties to certain skills. The boost can be so desirable that players may make their squad members lose limbs on purpose so robot limbs can be installed.

Whenever a character is missing any natural limbs, the 'Limbs' button in the inventory window becomes usable and prosthetics can be installed the same way weapons and armor are equipped. All characters, including Skeletons, need to lose their natural limbs through trauma before Robot Limbs can be used. Animals can not lose limbs, nor use prosthetics.

Robot Limbs need to be maintained in the same way Skeletons maintain themselves. Cut damage can be fixed on the spot with a Robotics Repair Kit. The "wear and tear damage" that builds up over time and decreases the max health of a limb can be fixed using a Skeleton Repair Bed. These Repair Beds can be typically found in locations which sell limbs and usually require payment the same way a bar bed does.

Characters can get in trouble in The Holy Nation when having Robot Limbs. They will be seen as no better than Skeletons and attacked unless the Holy Nation faction reputation is 50 or higher.

Robot Limbs

Items marked by an asterisk (*) cannot be crafted by the player.

Left Arm Right Arm Left Leg Right Leg
Economy Arm (left).png
Economy Arm (left)
Economy Arm (right).png
Economy Arm (right)
Economy Leg (left).png
Economy Leg (left)
Economy Leg (right).png
Economy Leg (right)
Skeleton Arm (left).png
Skeleton Arm (left)
Skeleton Arm (right).png
Skeleton Arm (right)
Skeleton Leg (left).png
Skeleton Leg (left)
KLR Series Leg (right).png
Skeleton Leg (right)
KLR Series Arm (left).png
KLR Series Arm (left)
KLR Series Arm (right).png
KLR Series Arm (right)
KLR Series Leg (left).png
KLR Series Leg (left)
KLR Series Leg (right).png
KLR Series Leg (right)
Industrial Lifter Arm (left).png
Industrial Lifter Arm (left)
Industrial Lifter Arm (right).png
Industrial Lifter Arm (right)
KLR Series Arm (left).png
Steady Arm (left)*
Skeleton Arm (right).png
Thief's Arm (right)*
Stealth Leg (left).png
Stealth Leg (left)
Stealth Leg (right).png
Stealth Leg (right)
Scout Leg (left).png
Scout Leg (left)
Scout Leg (right).png
Scout Leg (right)


Robotics crafting workflow

Players can craft robotic limbs on a Skeleton Limb Bench and needed components on a Robotics Bench. Unlike with weapon and armor, there are no Blueprints for limbs. New crafting options are unlocked by doing research in the Crafting Tech tree instead. Economy limb research becomes available at tech level 4, Skeleton limbs at tech level 5 and the rest at tech level 6. All robotic limbs are craftable except for the Steady and Thief's arms.

What quality a crafted limb will be is determined by the crafter's Robotics skill. It's the same skill that is trained by using repair kits and by crafting any components at the Robotics Bench. There is also an element of chance and the quality can suffer when the crafter is not physically well or working in low light conditions. Unlike a weapon or armor smith, a robotics crafter can attain a skill level at which all products will be max quality. The better limbs require a somewhat complicated crafting procedure when constructed from raw materials. Players crafting in a bought house may simply opt to buy the Robotics Components, greatly reducing the fuss.


Robotic limbs are sold at the following vendors:

Hive shops specialize in the cheap economy limbs while the others, usually run by Skeletons, have more higher quality merchandise. An exceptionally large selection of high quality limbs can be found at the Black Desert City Robotics Shop.

Robotic limbs can also randomly spawn through the Artifacts system in locations which have a gear artifacts value.


  • Installing an artificial limb on a downed enemy will later open up an option to heal that enemy if they were to get hurt again. This option is normally not available for conscious enemies.