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Gluttonous demon creatures!

River Raptors are bi-pedal reptilian creatures with round bodies and large jaws. They are omnivores and will attempt to eat crops growing in any farms that they come across, as well as any corpses. They have nests and can be mostly found in the areas of Okran's Pride & Wend.

A stronger version called Swamp Raptors can be found in Burning Forest, Raptor Island (Zone), South Wetlands and The Swamp.

There is also a rare species called the Megaraptor which is noticeably larger than a River Raptor.

Holy Nation soldiers patrolling Okran's Pride often cull River Raptors in order to protect the Holy Farms along the river. This is a good way to obtain Animal Skins.


Attributes Level
Melee Attack 10
Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Toughness 10
Stats randomize by 2
Teen (0.40x) 1.6 days
Adult (0.60x) 2.4 days
Elder (1.10x) 4.4 days

The Statistics here are taken from FCS. Players should be aware that animal characters level up as they grow, and may be stronger or weaker depending on their current age.
Death Items
Removing these items from the creature will kill it instantly.

Item Quantity Average Price
Animal Skin.png
Animal Skin 1 240
Foul Raw Meat.png
Foul Raw Meat 4 1

 Health Statistics[]

  • Hunger rate: 2
  • Vision Range mult: 1
  • Blood: 118-263
  • Bleed rate: 1
  • Heal rate: 1
  • Extra attack slots: 1


  • Speed: 5-11 mph
  • Combat Move Speed Mult: 0.6


Body Part Total Health Chance of Hitting
Head 40-106 100
Chest 40-106 100
Stomach 40-106 100
Right Arm 40-106 100
Left Arm 40-106 100
Right Leg 40-106 50
Left Leg 40-106 50



  • Darkfinger, Hidden Forest, Leviathan Coast, Northern Coast, and Okran's Pride

Spawn Groups[]

  • River Raptor Squad (3-12 Adults)
  • Nests can appear with large numbers (100+) of River Raptors in roaming squads.

Other Locations[]