A forgotten workshop location in the Deadlands which contains 26 Error Code 0xFFFFFF characters. Not quite broken but definitely missing a few bolts. The first person to interact with them will become their ally whom they will follow and protect with extreme prejudice. They will yell "Protect Master!" and attack anything that can possibly be conceived as a threat, as well as stare you down.

The skeletons are very useful in a fight. They soak up and deal solid damage while also being able to be repaired. Treated well, they can last quite a while and are an asset in any assault on other workshops or the Black Desert City. Beware, however, as they will often go agro on any random folks you meet including those you just want to be friends with.

In the workshop you can find a few lootable boxes and 6 deactivated skeleton repair benches, upstairs is 1-2 containers, a strongbox and an ancient vault.

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