Red Sabre Hideout is home of the Red Sabres faction and their leader Red Sabre Boss. It is located in the southwestern part of the Swamp.

The building contains about 22 Red Sabres and, of course, the Red Sabre Boss. The only item of value in the hideout is the Meitou Horse Chopper wielded by the Red Sabre Boss.

This location has a gear Artifacts value of 10,000 Cats, meaning it will spawn armour and weapons from the Artifacts system. This location also has a total item count of 30 items and it refreshes every 24 hours.

Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Advanced First Aid Kit
Advanced First Aid Kit c.265 Common
Advanced Splint Kit
Advanced Splint Kit c.311 Common
Bloodrum c.1,328 Common
Book c.300 Common
Bread c.488 Common
Cactus Rum
Cactus Rum c.520 Common
Chewsticks c.152 Common
Cup c.6 Common
Dried Meat
Dried Meat c.78 Common
Dustwich c.730 Common
Empty Grog Can
Empty Grog Can c.3 Common
Empty Rum Bottle
Empty Rum Bottle c.3 Common
Foodcube c.874 Common
Gohan c.444 Common
Grog c.1,155 Common
Hashish c.144 Common
Luxury Goods
Luxury Goods c.240 Common
Meatwrap c.658 Common
Motor c.421 Common
Pearl Cup
Pearl Cup c.240 Common
Pearl Urn
Pearl Urn c.600 Common
Rice Bowl
Rice Bowl c.186 Common
Sake c.428 Common
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag c.605 Common
Splint Kit
Splint Kit c.212 Common
Standard First Aid Kit
Standard First Aid Kit c.147 Common
Water Jug
Water Jug c.30 Common
Wooden Bowl
Wooden Bowl c.12 Common

Backpack Average Price Chance
Medium Backpack
Medium Backpack c.1,500 Uncommon
Scavenger's Basket
Scavenger's Basket c.250 Common
Small Backpack
Small Backpack c.1,000 Common
Trader's Wooden Backpack
Trader's Wooden Backpack c.800 Uncommon
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