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Buy slaves?! We do not take slaves here in the holy lands! Such barbaric practises are not tolerated within the teachings of Okran. You cannot buy beings for your own selfish pursuits! A pure blood must take it upon himself never to take advantage of others, no matter what their misfortunes, no matter what their background!


Rebirth is a slave town where The Holy Nation sends corrupted beings so that they can become worthy enough to reincarnate as a Human. Skeletons are not enslaved here, as The Holy Nation does not consider them to have a soul. It is located in an eponymous region north of main Holy Nation territory.

Players can sell characters into slavery at this location. Non-player characters, be they Fishmen, Cannibals or Dust Bandits will be accepted for a token price of 500 cats if the player specifically asks for compensation. Players can also free enslaved characters from their shackles, and as with all freed slaves there is a chance they will join the player's squad as they leave the area.

You can start your game in Rebirth with two characters if you choose "The Slaves" game start.


  • Holy Priest Church
  • Holy Slave Processing
  • Rebirth Cage Guards
  • Rebirth Garrison
  • Rebirth Gate Guards
  • Holy Materials Storage

Town Overrides[]

If you kill/kidnap the Holy Lord Phoenix, High Inquisitor Seta, and High Inquisitor Valtena, then Rebirth will be overtaken by the Flotsam Ninjas. If Moll is killed or kidnapped as well, the Holy Nation Outlaws will control Rebirth.


Considering that a vast majority of the slaves in Rebirth are Sheks, it's likely that many of them are captured prisoners of war from the Shek Kingdom or rogue bandits such as Berserkers and Kral's Chosen.