We'll plunder the fat nobles and the ignorant cowards...

So that our brothers never go hungry again.


Reavers are a faction of slavers who believe that they deserve to be in charge instead of the United Cities. They have the same trade culture as the Swampers.

Characters Edit

Relations Edit

 Faction Relations Edit

The factions this faction has special relations towards. For all others, it will use this faction's default (0).

Player Relations Edit

The reasons for this faction to have a non-zero relation towards you.

  • Aligning with the Skeletons Bandits before being captured gives you a negative rating with this faction but they will still enslave you.

Locations Edit

Reaver patrols can spawn in Greenbeach, Stobe's Garden, The Crags, The Outlands, and The Pits East.

These towns, outposts, and other locations are controlled by this faction.
Mapico-watchtower Ark
Mapico-watchtower Reaver Camp

World States
If certain World States are achieved, this faction can be found patrolling Heng, Stormgap Coast, and The Eye.
Town Overrides

Depending on World States, these locations can be controlled by this faction.

Mapico-town Brink
Mapico-watchtower Crab Village
Mapico-watchtower Okran's Shield
Mapico-watchtower Reaver Camp
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