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Reaver Camp is a location controlled by the Reavers. Players who are enslaved by Reavers will likely be taken to this location. There are three Reaver Camps: one on the border of The Crags and Stobe's Garden, one in Stobe's Garden, and one in The Outlands.

These locations can contain 4 to 6 Reaver Whelp characters, 2 to 12 Reaver Slave characters, 4 Reaver Ironclad, 11 to 17 Reaver Blooded, and 2 to 4 Reaver Neophyte characters.



All items have the same relative chance of spawning in this location except for Trader's Wooden Backpack and Medium Backpack, which spawn about half as often.



Town Overrides

These locations can be overtaken by the Southern Hive if Valamon is killed or kidnapped. If the Queen of the South is also killed or kidnapped, all Reaver Camps will become ruins.

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