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Reaver Camps are locations controlled by the Reavers. There are three locations called Reaver Camp in Kenshi: One is in The Outlands while the other two are located in Stobe's Garden, one of them just bordering The Crags.

Players enslaved by the Reavers will likely be taken to one of these camps.

These locations can contain 4 to 6 Reaver Whelp characters, 2 to 12 Reaver Slave characters, 4 Reaver Ironclad, 11 to 17 Reaver Blooded, and 2 to 4 Reaver Neophyte characters.



All items have the same relative chance of spawning in this location except for Trader's Wooden Backpack and Medium Backpack, which spawn about half as often.



Town overrides

Reaver Camps can be affected by multiple World States to produce the following Town Overrides.