Raptors is an animal faction. This faction will not appear on the factions list.

Although the location is controlled by Raptors, the Megaraptor is a member of the Swamp Creatures faction.

Characters Edit

Only the River Raptor is a member of this faction. Other raptors are part of the Swamp Creatures faction.

River Nests which spawn River Raptors are controlled by the Wildlife faction.

Locations Edit

River Raptors can spawn in Leviathan Coast and Okran's Pride.

River Nests can spawn in Darkfinger, Hidden Forest, Northern Coast, and Okran's Pride.

These towns, outposts, and other locations are controlled by this faction.
Mapico-x Raptor Island

Town Overrides
There are no locations which can be controlled by this faction due to changes in World States.
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