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Rag Loincloth.png
Rag Loincloth
-Weight 1 kg
-Value c.50
-Sell value c.12
[No Armour Coverage]
Dirty rags usually worn by slaves, beggars and drifters.

Rag Loincloth is a type of armor in Kenshi that is worn predominately by Starving Bandits and Slaves of the Slave Traders and United Cities. It is often worn together with the Rag Shirt. A coloured version of this item also exists and is called the Rag Loincloth (Dyed).

This armour has inventory dimensions of 4x4.

Depending on what Game Start is chosen, players might start with this item.


The hips and legs are mostly covered with torn cloth and rags.


It can be crafted at the Clothing Bench after researching Clothing Manufacture.