Disembowling Humans.

–Psycho, when asked what he is in for by a human player character

Psycho is an Outlaw being held prisoner in Tengu's Vault.

He appears to be a decent martial artist and simply runs off after being freed but can later gain a bounty of 37000 cats. He has a Crazy Personality.

They wear [Shoddy] armour (5% chance of [Standard]).


Attributes Level
Strength 40
Toughness 1
Dexterity 40
Perception 1

Combat Skills Level
Melee Attack 40
Melee Defence 40
Dodge 1
Martial Arts 40

Weapon Skills Level
Katanas 40
Sabres 40
Hackers 40
Heavy Weapons 40
Blunt 40
Polearms 1

Ranged Skills Level
Turrets 1
Crossbows 1
Precision Shooting 1

Thievery Skills Level
Stealth 1
Lockpicking 1
Thievery 1
Assassination 1

Athletic Skills Level
Athletics 40
Swimming 1

Science Skills Level
Field Medic 40
Engineer 1
Robotics 1
Science 1

Trade Skills Level
Weapon Smith 1
Armour Smith 1
Crossbow Smith 1
Labouring 1
Farming 1
Cooking 1

Stats randomize by 3

The Statistics here are taken from FCS. Players should be aware that non-player characters also level up while fighting.
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