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Prospecting is a player character activity, used to find suitable locations to build bases. The speed and scale of prospecting analysis is affected by the character's science skill.

While some of the information obtained from Prospecting is purely cosmetic, most of the results can be used to determine the suitability of a location for a Player Outpost.

Prospecting can be assigned to a player character by pressing the "Prospect" button in lower-right part of the screen.

Prospecting Results Screen[]

  • Zone is the name of a region where the prospecting took place.
  • Altitude shows how far above the sea level the current location spot is.
  • Prospector Skill is the Science stat of the prospector. This determines the size of the prospected area.
  • Area Size.
  • Wind Speed is the current speed of the wind. This shows how much energy can be generated with wind generators at this location.
  • Environment shows what soil types are in the area and is also used in determining the crop yield of different types of farms.
  • Resources
    • Water determines the efficiency of wells.
    • Fertility determines the efficiency of farms.
    • Stone determines the efficiency of stone mines.
    • Iron is used to determine the efficiency of mining raw iron from under the ground. It also shows the location of iron outcrops on the prospecting map.
    • Copper is used to determine the efficiency of mining copper from under the ground (unreachable in an un-modded game). It also shows the location of copper outcrops on the prospecting map.

Suggested Base Building Location[]

Standardized format coming to a webpage near you soon.



  • Having the resolution at 1080 will result in the numbers from prospecting being covered by the map image. Though some say this can be resolved with a restart, there is another bug that causes the game to start in a lower resolution than what is put in the settings. The easy solution to that glitch is to simply press ALT + ENTER to change the resolution without having to restart the game. Though this makes it so that the game has the right resolution(1080p), it messes with some parts of the UI like the Prospecting window. Pressing ALT + ENTER again changes the resolution back, and is therefore a functioning workaround.

Where as this is not a big problem with most parts of the UI, some parts of the prospecting window scales poorly in 1080 resolution. This might be due to the UI window itself potentially being an image file with clickable areas, while other parts are put on top of it are separate in a sense, and scales differently.


Up until version 0.93 at least, a character could also prospect for Carbon.