Prisoner Cage
Prisoner Cage.png
Type: Interior/exterior
Materials cost:
Iron Plates 5
Estimated build time: 1 hrs

A basic cage for holding prisoners.
A prisoner cage in the for holding .

Prisoner Cages are buildings used to hold a single character. They can be constructed after researching Imprisonment.

Prisoner Cages which are not owned by the player can result in characters being instantly enslaved after 'getting in' or being 'put in' the cage.

As of version 0.61.1 Prisoner Cages can be constructed outside of buildings. To date all Prisoner Cages built by the player are at level 15 Lockpicking skill. 

Imprisoning a Character[edit | edit source]

A selected player character can enter a prisoner cage by selecting the 'get in' option in the right-click-hold menu.

To imprison a character which is not the selected player character, first pick up the target by opening the right-click-hold menu for the target and selecting 'pick up'. Carry the target to the cage and either place them inside it though right clicking the cage or use the right-click-hold menu for the cage and select 'put in'. The person will be dropped in the cage remain there until the cage is unlocked. Upon talking to the imprisoned character your relationship with his or her faction will drop by one.

Freeing a Character[edit | edit source]

The fastest way for an imprisoned player character to exit a prisoner cage is through selecting 'escape' in the character's right-click-hold menu. This will initiate lockpicking and the character will exit the cage as soon as they are able.

The other option to exit a prisoner cage is by first unlocking the cage and then leaving the cage. Escaped prisoners and Escaping slaves will likely choose this system as it allows the player to wait until an opportune moment to exit the cage.

When unlocking the cage of a non-player character, the character will likely escape immediately and run away from the location which they were held in. Depending on the character's personality, they may choose to remain in their cage. Some characters, specifically Unique Recruits, will instantly join the player faction upon freedom from their cage.

Losing an Imprisoned Character[edit | edit source]

It is possible to lose imprisoned characters through an unintended bug. It seems that once the zone that contained your prisoners has not been loaded for a while your prisoners will disappear from their cages. It is especially true if saves have been made in zones that are not the zone in which prisoners are kept.

There's a way to counter this bug if it occurs to you. In order to keep your precious prisoners, it is important that you have a character that keeps your prisoners in sight the entire time (even in an unloaded zone). This somehow prevents them from being de-spawned. If you have not loaded your location with prisoners for a while and saved while being in other zones, you still have a way to get your captives back if they have de-spawned. Simply load a save where you are in the zone with prisoners and where you have your special character watching them. Loading your newer save after this should bring your prisoners back in that newer save.

NB. As it is hard to have a character have your captives in sight all the time, it is suggested to use a skeleton for this prison guard role.


  • Power Consumption - 0
  • Efficiency - 1x

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