Prisoner Cage
A basic cage for holding prisoners.

–In-game description

Prisoner Cages are used to store captive NPCs. Prisoner Cages are constructed inside of player buildings. They can hold a maximum of one prisoner at a time. To date all Prisoner Cages built by the player are at level 15 Lockpicking skill.

As of version 0.61.1 Prisoner Cages can be constructed outside of buildings. 

Using a Prisoner CageEdit

To use a Prisoner Cage, simply right click your target and select "Pick Up". Then carry said person to cage and right click it. The person will be dropped in the cage and unable to act. To free a NPC, right click the cage and select "Set Free".

Prisoner Cage Construction InfoEdit

  • Iron Plates
  • Estimated Build Time - 1 Hours
  • Power Consumption - 0
  • Efficiency - 1x


Alpha Edit